Mine is Bigger Than Yours: Clitoral Mapping (You’re Doing it Wrong!)


Wow! So you mean to tell me that until 1998 there were no female equivalent “machines and mechanisms” to help protect our sexual anatomy during surgery? That is insane…. What that says to me is that Men have made sure they protect their junk, but to medical professionals (Females included) the clitoris ( the female pleasure and sense organ) can be routinely placed in harm’s way during common procedures like hysterectomies. hmm…Learn something new everyday.

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FAUX DIVERSE – Thank You Style & Grace for the spark


Growing up…I transitioned from an all black private school to an all white public school… My lips were too big and my curly “Ms. Frizzel”  hair (as they used to call it) was made fun of all because I actually had a top lip and my hair wasn’t like their long dull straight hair… Now…watching this I am most disturbed by the fact that the women making the video have zero idea that they are culturally appropriating the nuances of beauty that woman of color are taught to dislike about themselves. Until I grew to love who I am, I would straighten my hair and subdue my features… It’s almost like they are saying our beauty traits are a “style” or “fad” and really only attractive, cute, or unique when they rock them… Feel Free to post an opposing view… if you have one…I will counter whatever it is with sunless tanner and pictures of Bo Derek with cornrows…

Check out the article I got the videos from written by my friend Carla Thomas of STYLE & GRACE

White Girl Beauty Hacks I Want No Parts Of – Style and Grace.

Washington official fears ‘another Ferguson’ after cop shooting video goes viral

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Lauren "Elle Sea" Croom:

They could have struck a bystander…this is just crazy

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The police shooting of a Mexican national in Pasco, Washington, has drawn local protests and international outrage—and has raised fears of what one official said could be “another Ferguson.”

Dan Blasdel, the coroner of Franklin County, said the controversy surrounding the shooting of Antonio Zambrano-Montes, a 35-year-old native of Michoacán, Mexico, was enough to warrant a coroner’s inquest, which is when a “jury is presented evidence of the shooting and decides whether the officers were justified in their use of deadly force,” according to the Seattle Times.

That rarely used inquest would then make a recommendation to the county prosecutor.

He added: “We don’t want another Ferguson here in Pasco,” referring to the St. Louis suburb where the officer-related death of teenager Michael Brown sparked weeks of protests and international scrutiny on the small municipality.

Zambrano-Montes’s run-in with police on February 10 occurred after he was throwing rocks at…

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Kendrick was sitting at the GRAMMYs like…


“Ok, soooo the awards are mine? It’s official? Let me drop this single on um right quick”
Poetry at it’s rawest, Kendrick pulled my heart out with this one.

Ancient Skull Adds New Insight to Story of Human Evolution


Could this support recent genetic evidence that modern Homo sapiens and their Neanderthal cousins interbred, perhaps in the Middle East and most likely between 65,000 and 47,000 years ago?

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Invisible Women


Lauren "Elle Sea" Croom:

I’m just going to re-blog this right here…

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One of the biggest stories to captivate entertainment headlines this year has been the emergence of Lupita Nyong’o. Her Oscar winning performance as Patsey in 12 Years a Slave catapulted her to the forefront of the public eye. Once there, she has developed almost a second career as the Queen of the Red Carpet, appearing at film festivals looking flawless in stunning gowns that designers are falling over themselves to dress her in. This summer she landed the cover of People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful issue. Her Oscar acceptance speech about what defines beauty sparked a wave of affirmation from women around the world who fight daily to be seen as attractive and desirable within themselves when bombarded constantly with a narrow standard of beauty. Lupita is the most recent black female star to explode into pop culture but obviously she isn’t the only one. From Michele Obama to Olivia…

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