Kevin Costner Reveals Hollywood Wouldn’t Finance Racially Charged “Black or White”


“I said it 50 times that we should make this movie and at the end of the day, I had to pay for it…I just thought it was an interesting movie … I can’t speak for why [no one would finance it]. I know a lot of people want to make these big, giant movies and I understand … But I thought this movie is just as valid as those movies. So that’s why I made it” – Kevin Costner during the National Association of Black Journalists Convention Q&A.

Costner signed on to produce the racially-charged independent drama under his Treehouse banner. Once he fully invested himself in the project he was on the hunt for his female lead. “We have some very significant actresses out there that probably could play this role, but Octavia became our first choice and the choice of our director,” Costner explained.

The drama centers on  the true story of a grieving widower and attorney, Elliot Anderson (Costner), who’s raising his biracial granddaughter Eloise with his wife. Costner’s wife is tragically killed in a car accident, and the widower struggles to retain custody over the little girl, with her African-American grandmother Rowena (Spencer), who believes the child is black and should be raised by the black side of her family . Check out the trailer below.

The cast is rounded out by Gillian Jacobs, Jennifer Ehle, and Anthony Mackie. Relativity is wrapping a deal to acquire U.S. rights to Black Or White, and the film should be released in time to qualify for the Oscars. It is speculated that Relativity will release the film through its newly formed multicultural division.

What are your thoughts on the difficulties faced by those attempting to tell stories about race issues in America?

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