Wells Fargo Explores Definitions of What it Means to be African-American


Although I may not always agree with Wells Fargo’s Business Practices, this #MyUntold Project is really worth checking out.

This story-telling initiative offers a glimpse of what it means to be African-American today.  View the stories & share your own using #MyUntold.

2 thoughts on “Wells Fargo Explores Definitions of What it Means to be African-American

  1. i truly feel that unless you are a African-American no one should explore what it truly means to be. From the beginning of our life cycle we’ve had it hard from, Slavery then being sold and beaten. Treated like we have no existence ,our women raped and belittled. Giving birth just so our children can either be killed or bought. Having to fight just to get an education or to sit in the front of the bus. Watching the white man hang our family members just because. No white man has died by the hands of a black man fighting for his cause yet in my history lessons. Columbus explored the great world to find out it was round., but for this company to explore what it means to be African American could do more damage then good. Please don’t misunderstand we blacks have accomplished many great things but can never truly get the full credit we deserve. Around every corner stands the white man trying to get in. Our color truly defines how far in life we can go not our education but the thing that makes me proud to be a African American is my father above who will always treat me equal and fair. Thank you GOD for creating us


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