Tell Me Again Why I’m Not Classified a Super Hero?: Living a Fulfilled Life Below The Poverty Line


So as usual I stumbled upon an article in CITY LAB that basically highlights the reason I have to focus my thoughts and meditate so incredibly hard every morning before I leave the house…Why, Money (or the lack there of) of course!

A new study, highlighted by the article provides data and figures that display the disparities between stagnating earnings and the “soaring” cost of housing all around the country.

Whilst I read the article, I couldn’t help but wonder how hard it would be to survive as a Single Mother in Los Angeles without my beloved Superpower.

What, you may ask, is this so-called “Superpower”?

Survival… I’m a born survivalist. There isn’t a situation that I have been placed in that I couldn’t find a Houdini like escape from. Much like Superman when exposed to the sun… I have only grown stronger the more exposed I am to adversity. Repeated and unforgiving poverty is just the latest of arch nemesis’ I have had to face.

When I read an article like this I understand that these numbers aren’t what they seem. They aren’t simply statistics. The numbers that erect these figures and tables represent other “Super humans” who, like myself are doing what they have to do to make due with what scraps they are given. Basically we are finding ways to create gourmet meals out of boxed mac-n-cheese every night.

Still, it is startling that these are just a slim sliver in the staggering stack of statistics …(ok, that alliteration cannot be ignored) that show us what America looks like in this seemingly “post-recession” delusional state. America’s ranking in STEM Education an Standard of living  are all far lower and our ranking in Infant Mortality, Suicide, Domestic Terrorism, are all up in our more progressive “1st world” peers. What is growing clearer with each quarter of data it that this “top-down system”, in which  things get more expensive but working hard pays less and less in comparison, is not sustainable.

Tupac’s words on Kendrick Lamar’s Mortal Man really seem prophetic right now:

” KENDRICK: I always wanted to ask you about a certain situa-, about a metaphor actually, you spoke on the ground. What you mean ‘bout that, what the ground represent?

TUPAC: The ground is gonna open up and swallow the evil. That’s how I see it, my word is bond. I see and the ground is the symbol for the poor people, the poor people is gonna open up this whole world and swallow up the rich people. Cause the rich people gonna be so fat, they gonna be so appetizing, you know what I’m saying, wealthy, appetizing. The poor gonna be so poor and hungry, you know what I’m saying it’s gonna be like… there might be some cannibalism out this mutha, they might eat the rich”.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe that people in my circumstance (or worse) feel compelled to pull out the hot sauce and sauerkraut just yet, but I do believe he has a point.

The poor are this country’s ground…this country’s foundation. If we can’t afford the basics of life what happens to the foundation? If a future Steve Jobs or Wozniak for that matter has to drop out of school before his breakthrough, not because he’s created the next big thing, but because he can’t afford to pay for the class that will inspire him…what then?

Our numbers are down for a reason…because our people feel beat down. Business 101: Take care of your people and they’ll take care of you. If we empower the average Woman (or Man) and take away his worry about (at the very least) health care and education costs, we can hit the reset button on this country’s…i don’t know… pretty much EVERY FUCKING THING!

If You are still reading this can we PLEASE take over the world? Thanks.



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