Revolutionaries are Regular People


When you realize that you are poor but you were born middle class and are busting your hump but are statistically on a downward trajectory, the revolution has begun.

When you understand that companies aren’t hiring for the type of long-term pension-based employment that all other post-depression generations enjoyed; and you realize your overpriced noose of a degree trained you not in entrepreneurship, but in how to work for a now dead system, the revolution has begun.

When you turn on the TV and think: “If this was in black and white I wouldn’t be able to tell what era I was in”, the revolution has begun.

You see the revolution is in you. You just have to open your eyes to your own power.


In every Revolution the work is done by regular people. Women and Men who just get tired of waiting for someone else to act, someone else to say out loud that “this shit ain’t right”.

In every Revolution there were people who shirked the work of change in opposition to those who sacrificed everything, however they still benefited from the struggle in the long run…

Those nay-sayers will always be.

The weak of will and spirit always disavow straight spines and tall walkers in lieu of the comforts of conformity and cowardice.

When you look in the mirror do you see something bigger and better than the labels that have been ascribed to you?

When you hear or witness injustice do you boil over with a feeling of helplessness?

Have you ever felt like you know too much about history, too much about media manipulation, too much about the legislative and subtle oppression that holds this country hostage…so much so you have yearned for the ignorance you once had?

Are you afraid your kids won’t inherit a better, safer world?


You are a Revolutionary. Embrace your reflection.

You don’t have to get arrested in a protest to be the change you seek; you don’t even have to take off of work.

You just need to speak up.  Do your research, vet your sources, educate those around you, know your rights and if you question if you are on the right side of history ask yourself this: If I stay silent will I respect myself?  When my children grown up will they be proud of my actions or distance themselves from my beliefs?

It isn’t hard once you realize it’s your destiny. You know what they say: “The revolution will not be televised”…that’s because it’s internal… The Revolution has only to be recognized in your own eyes to be realized.


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