To The *Hoteps Hurt By My Reaction To Jesse Williams,


I was actually really proud for a few hours. I was proud of how absolute beautifully my people reacted to Jesse Williams’ channeling of his ancestors and championing of our fight for true freedom. I’m thankful to have relished in the hot after glow of Jesse’s thoughtfully provocative words unabated…if but for a  mere few hours.

I suppose because Jesse used his platform as a Humanitarian Award recipient to posture profetic fire through poetic prose, some would state “words mean nothing without action especially  (I’m sure they could be qouted) at the BET Awards”… However, nay sayers would be silenced by his record as our dear Jesse spoke from a place of authority.

Jesse is a knee deep in the streets, physically, and spiritually, active Activist. Sure, he is very vocal on social media, but he follows that up with on the ground with actionable present participle verbs: e.g. marching, fighting, protesting, advocating petitioning…dare I say acting?… All. For. The. Cause. All. In. PERSON.

He is nothing like his haters. He is not a washed up misinformed and hurt *Hotep hiding behind a monitor and lifetimes of excuses with no actionable verbs to offer but “blame”.  

I suppose that is why it took those who would try to discredit Mr. Williams a while to respond to such a profoundly deep reflection.

I suppose those ignorant *Hotep memes don’t just make themselves but damn…Can’t we have something? **SHIT.

Those who would call the BET Awards out for not being progressive, for lifting up the worst of so-called “Black Music”, or for being altogether “Anti-Black”, would be remiss to find something wrong with the blackest, most progressive part of the whole damn show!

Wake up foo!.. The reason Black people cheered for Jesse, and why they don’t do the same for you has nothing…absolutely nothing to do with his hue… but has everything to do with Jesse Williams’ personal credibility.

Yes, he has money, a white Mom and is “light-skinned”; However, Jesse has a Black Father, a Black Wife and actually used to be a broke ass teacher in Philly. Jesse Williams has more to lose by speaking up for us then those who hide behind a screen name, fuming that they don’t receive the same applause for a non-factual hate filled internet post.

When you question Jesse’s motives (in lieu of finding fault with his work) ask yourself:

What have I contributed?

What of my time is dedicated to UN-PAID AND UN-COURT-MANDATED community service?

When do I make time to mentor young people?

Where is my sacrifice for the struggle evident?

If those questions feel a bit obtuse ask yourself:

Would I lay millions in future earnings on the line to speak up for Black folks or would I clutch the prospects of riches close my bosom, and stay quiet in hopes to gather all of the comfort that being complacent can afford me?

Now, my positivly offended *Hoteps, before you open your browser to speak…shut the fuck for a second and:

1. Stop assuming everyone  (including your own folks) are apart of some illuminati plot to get you… You don’t even show up in the IRS’S radar. 

2. Read Jesse’s speech and explain to me in logical terms what about it was counter to social equality and the Black empowerment movement.

3. Return to directive 1, because you clearly didn’t understand the point of the exercise.

Ok…now I’m tired of the effort it’s taking to address you, but I’m hoping that one day the energy you put into “getting over on the system” and dodging gainful employment to stay eligible for EBT while calling Single Mothers “lazy destroyers of the Black community” will be focused on actually attaining a level of freedom that doesn’t require the shaming of positive representations of Blackness…

*Just a disclaimer… I am NOT reffering to ALL Black men in this Article.  I am madly in love with a Black man, and the loving compassion I aquire from my Father (also Black) is the only reason I’m even trying to save the *Hoteps from themselves. I am  targeting a specific group of people who albeit small, are rediculously vocal on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.  Contrary to it’s original and ancient meaning, “Hotep” has come to define a group of (sometimes) well intentioned Black folk who are rightfully angry that our ancestors were slaves, but who sadly fall victim to a combination self hate, a lack of education, and no understanding of journalistic research skills or integrity while conveying that anger to the world.  Unaable to see past blaming white people for their problems, Hoteps are the definition of cognitive dissonance.  In reference to my comment about EBT it should be noted that nationally, most of the people who receive benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (a.k.a SNAP or EBT) are white. **According to 2013 data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which administers the program, 40.2 percent of SNAP recipients are white, 25.7 percent are black, 10.3 percent are Hispanic, 2.1 percent are Asian and 1.2 percent are Native American.

I know that once I post this Hoteps everywhere will for mischaracterize the title of this article,  judge it, and neglect to read it all the way through while commenting that Sistahs like ms are destroying the community…ya the community of claw pulling crabs in a bucket.

If you are not a *Hotep and like what you read, check me out at 


Lauren Croom

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