The Balanced Feather pt. 1



Through great focus, practice, and endurance we are able to will our minds (and thus our bodies) to the point of incredible action… I meditate on the notion of “the balanced feather” today… Watch this short piece to the end and you will see evidence that even the smallest most gentle of breezes or thoughts can have a great and gathering impact on your life…

Take care to usher in only that which you want to stay, and re-evaluate each instance in which you invite negativity (in any form) into your space… Ask yourself: “Why did I chose to see things through this tinted lens as opposed to a transparent one”? If you are honest with yourself, the answers may surprise you.

BALANCE, a short film written and directed by Tobias Hutzler.
Produced by Prime Pictures in association with Bunker Media.
© 2013 featured at TIME Magazine,